Be sure to register with your consulate when you get to Guadalajara so that they can contact you in case of emergency or evacuation. Embassy location and contact information has been included in the Google Map below.


If you have access to the yellow pages (Seccion Amarilla), emergency and other helpful phone numbers such as government offices, hospitals, embassies, consulates, museums, theatres, and area codes are listed in the front pages. Here are some of the emergency numbers found in the Yellow Pages, some numbers have been made clickable to be added to your cell phones.

Emergencies (Police/ Fire Department/ Red Cross): 911

Green Cross 1201-7222, (emergencies) 3614-5252 (ambulances)

Ambulancias Aéreas y Terrestres (intensive therapy) 3616-9616 , 3615-8619

Ambulancias Particulares 1201-7700 (emergency), 3121-1232 (office)

Fire 1201-7700

Federal Police 3629-5085 , 3629-5082

Guadalajara Police 1201-6000 , 1201-6500

Tlaquepaque Police 3050-3050

Tonala Police 3284-4162 , 3284-3039 , 3284-3038

Zapopan Police 3836-3600

Traffic & Transportation 3819-2400 ext. 15006, 15007, 15008 (emergencies) , 3819-2425 , 3819-2426

SIAPA: (water) -073, (to report leaks) 3837-4272

CFE (Federal Comision of Electricity) 071 or 3669-0250 , 3678-8500

In addition, dial:

020-to make national phone calls via operator

030-to find out the current date and time.

031-for an alarm

040-for information. You can call this to find out telephone numbers of registered businesses and individuals.

050-to contact TelMex client service for damaged lines and equipment

*A note of caution: this service is not entirely reliable. In emergencies, people usually rely on friends or private services if they can afford it. (Some people pay a monthly fee for membership in a private ambulance service in case they ever need one.)

Another option for ambulances is to call the hospital you want to go to, and they can send one. Again, this isn’t always reliable but is more dependable the more upscale the hospital.






Included in the Google Map.

Grocery stores:

Major chains include Soriana, Mega, Superama, Chedraui, Wal-Mart. Chedraui and Wal-Mart are usually the cheapest. There is also a Costco and Sam’s Club on opposite corners of the intersection of Av. Vallarta and Rafael Sanzio, a Costo at Lopez Mateos #3100, and a Sam’s Club at Mariano Otero #3450.

Import Stores

Included in the Google Map.


Check with your neighbors to see if there is a local tianguis (market). Vendors set up in different neighborhoods on different days of the week, and you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, fresh tortillas, meat, clothes, and other miscellaneous items.


Here are a few general rules:

Restaurants: 10%
Baggers at grocery stores: 2-3 pesos
Parking lot attendants: 2-3 pesos
Gas station attendants: 3-5 pesos
Windshield washers: 2-3 pesos


Some Bilingual School Recommendations from the Foreign Community:

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