City buses are the most comprehensive form of public transportation in and around Guadalajara. The fare is seven pesos, and route information can be found at the following two websites:

An app that can be installed on your mobile phones is called Moovit: Bus & Train Live Info

For long distance travel, buses are a good option as well.

Gas Stations:

You are not supposed to pump your own gas, but stay aware.  Make sure the attendant says “cero” which means “zero,” and make sure the pump numbers are on zeros.   Some attendants will start pumping with some money already on the pump.   They charge you and then pocket the difference.


If you take a taxi, make sure you negotiate the price before you get in the car.   By you getting in it confirms a price. Some taxis have the meter so ask them to set it or they won’t. Older ones don’t so you need to negotiate.

UBER is another option which is cheaper and safer to a certain point. It can be downloaded to your mobile. There is no need to input credit card information, there is an option to pay in cash.