English Fellowship of Guadalajara was born under Iglesia Rey de Reyes (King of Kings Church) of Mexico headed by Pastor Kenton Wood on January 11, 2009. Pastor Ray DeLarge and his wife Angie pastured at EFG  for six years until 2015 when they left to answer God's call to minister to Middle Eastern people groups in the northwestern area of Washington state and British Columbia.

Following the Rays, were Pastor Collis Yaw and his wife Karen, who served faithfully from 2015 to 2017. Pastor Collis was also assisted by Pastor Sergio Reyes and Pastor Joe Khaki. In 2017, Pastor Victor Avila and his wife Raquel were invited to join the minister support team.

Then in 2017, Pastor Collis relocated to work in the Middle East and asked Pastor Pete Campbell to come on board as the lead pastor of EFG. Currently, Pastor Pete and his wife Dee serve with the Avilas at EFG and are privileged to serve the Lord in prayer and discipleship through this international fellowship of Believers.