EFG is engaged in a variety of ministries to reach more people with the Gospel,
make more disciples of Jesus Christ and grow His Kingdom day by day.



As a church, EFG exists to worship and serve our great and awesome God. Worship includes a time of singing and  praise to the Lord. We read and meditate on the Word of God and are taught how to apply it to our daily lives as followers of Christ. We spend time in prayer, praising, confessing, giving thanks, and interceding before the throne of grace. Worship is at the core of who we are and what we do at EFG


EFG is a praying church. We gather an hour before worship every Sunday to share and pray for each other and for the ministries to which God has called us as a church. Sometimes we meet in homes to pray and call upon the Lord to bless His work in our lives, in our families and in our community. Prayer is a powerful gift by which we can talk directly to God before the throne of His abundant grace in our time of need.


Young people are the future leaders and servants in the church and in the world. We want to invest in their lives now, encourage and equip them to embrace all that God has for them in this life so they can be useful instruments in His hands. The EFG youth group meets on Wednesday evenings and studies, prays and prepares for worship and ministry in the city and in the world, right now and as the Lord leads us. 


EFG has a heart for people and for the Gospel. So many people seem to be searching for meaning and purpose in life and we have the privilege of coming alongside them and walking with them. We try to ask important questions and have meaningful conversations about things of eternal significance. Nothing confrontational, no pressure, we just speak the truth in love. That’s what really matters.


EFG is a family of like-minded believers who share a love for God and His Word and His church.  The last Sunday of each month we enjoy a potluck meal together and delight in the sweet fellowship of God’s people.  We are known to have church picnics and coffee house gatherings as well. All are welcome to join us and experience what real fellowship feels like. We look forward to seeing you!